Walter Leica Eyepiece


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  • Easy fitting
  • Stronger build – enclosed swivel
  • Can be used with leather case
  • Prescription lens right next to the viewfinder lens- ALL FRAMELINES ARE VISIBLE
  • Lens on the inside-protected against scratching
  • Easy lens cleaning
  • All eyepieces are covered with gunkote

Walter eyepiece – NEW IMPROVED MODEL

Walter eyepieces are made for the individual who has astigmatism and who’s eyesight doesn’t allow him optimum focusing with a LEICA m camera.

Walter Eyepiece also fits on M10



The new Leica m240 camera does not have a recess in the viewfinder eyecup and therefore a screw-in type Walter Eyepiece would be required. Please mention the type of camera when ordering an eyepiece.

NE PLUS ULTRA – copied by many; perfected by one !

Each eyepiece has unique serial number for accurate reference Each eyepiece is still hand manufactured by Walter himself

We also manufacture custom made eyepieces for telescopes, rifle scopes and binoculars. Please email me with enquiries.

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Walter Eyepiece


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