Walter Leica Golden or Coral Contrast Lense

best focusing possibilities

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Special launch price: $243.00 (includes DHL delivery) Please enquire about lead time.

Includes DHL delivery which takes about 4 working days. (please provide phone number). Different contrast lenses:

  1. Normal Plano lens
  2. Dioptre lens according to buyer specification. we use 0.25 increments.
  3. Magnification lenses according to buyer specification.

All the above mentioned lenses are also available in clear lenses – please specify when ordering. Lenses are screw-in type and will fit all the Leica M cameras from M1 upwards. We also manufacture the Walter Eyepiece (own prescription) with the golden contrast tint. Please enquire about lead time.

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In order to get the best focusing possibilities for our clients, we created the WALTER contrast lense. This amazing eyepiece has a special golden colour coating, which intensifies the light, resulting in better contrast for easier focusing.

  • The lense is manufactured by hand, utilizing the best optics available and is mounted in solid ‘Gun Kote’ brass.
  • Multi coated optics to reduce glare.
  • Contrast-enhancing tint for improved focusing.
  • Refined and improved dimensions.
  • Larger optical curved lense for clearer, wider view.
  • Simply screws into any Leica M camera.
  • Coating can be used with prescription lenses (WALTER eyepiece), diopter lenses and plano (normal) lenses.

Walter Eyepiece also fits on M10


Walter Leica Golden Contrast Lense

Golden Contrast Lense


(with DHL)

Walter Leica Coral Contrast Lense

Coral Contrast Lense


(with DHL)