Walter Elite Eyepiece

The Elite eyepiece was designed for the astigmatic photographer who wants to be IN CONTROL. You set the axis by hand utilizing the two red dots to line it up with your eyes. Remember your axis should always stay 180 degrees with your eyes. We need your full prescription and will fit the lens correct in the eyepiece… all you have to do is align the two red dots. With this eyepiece your eye is closer to the viewfinder, eliminating stray light and the need for glasses.

The Elite eyepiece can also be incorporated with a contrast lens. Please email Walter for any questions or assistance.

The elite eyepiece fills the gap between the more expensive original swivel eyepiece and the contrast lens range.

Please note:

The new Leica m240 camera does not have a recess in the viewfinder eyecup and therefore a screw-in type Walter Eyepiece would be required. Please mention the type of camera when ordering an eyepiece.

NE Plus Ultra

Copied by many, perfected by one!

Each eyepiece has unique serial number for accurate reference Each eyepiece is still hand manufactured by Walter himself

We also manufacture custom made eyepieces for telescopes, rifle scopes and binoculars.

Please email us with enquiries. or complete the contact form below.

Each Walter Leica product is individually manufactured by hand for the client. Please ensure that you have selected the product you want as there are no refunds. Kindly inquire about lead time.


Walter Elite Eyepiece


Plus $48 DHL

Please select the type of camera before placing your order via PayPal

Leica Model M10 / M11

Other M Models

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