Camera Accesories

Walter Leica manufactures unique exclusive accessories for the Leica range of cameras.

Elite Eyepiece

For the Astigmatic photographer

The Elite Eyepiece was designed for the astigmatic photographer who wants to be in control. The Elite Eyepiece fills the gap between the more expensive original swivel eyepiece and the contrast lens range.

Blue Contrast Lens

Invented | Discovered | Developed

The Blue Contrast Lens was developed to give more contrast in a subtle way, catering for the individual’s eye. It removes all glare and visual noise. The lens provides consistent light with optical correct light filtration.

Available for M10 and other M cameras.

Each one is made on order to customers specification. The lens can also be ordered with magnification and/or diopter.

Golden & Coral Contrast Lenses

Walter Contrast Lenses

In order to get the best focusing possibilities for our clients, we created the WALTER contrast lense. This amazing eyepiece has a special golden colour coating, which intensifies the light, resulting in better contrast for easier focusing.

Now also made for the M10.

Magnifying & Dioptre Lenses

Walter Magnifying & Dioptre Lenses

We also offer clear optical clear magnifying lenses with the following magnifying increments: 0,25; 0,50; 0,75 ; 1.00; 1,25; 1,50; 1,75 upwards. Dioptre lenses can be ordered in the following increments: plus/minus 0,25; 0,5; 0,75; 1,00; 1,25 ; 1,50; 1,75 upwards. Please indicate the lens and camera via email or PayPal instructions when you order. All the above lenses are optical correct and manufactured by hand to the highest standards. We strive to cater for individual needs. Special orders are welcome.

Homage M Camera Key Ring

Walter Key Ring

Bespoke, made-to-order solid engraving brass key ring with its own serial number and certificate of authenticity.

What customers say


Dear Walter The eyepiece works perfect- I love it.


The new contrast lens has just arrived and works perfectly, thank you!


Walter, I love the contrast lens and will be sharing the news with all my friends.


Thank you for the quick manufacture of my new prescription eyepiece.


Great to hear from you, the lens is working great and I literally haven’t removed it off my M9.


Remarks such as these make it all worthwhile. A big thank you to all my customers, Walter.

A word of thanks


A special word of thanks to these customers for their ongoing support:

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